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We are a charity based company and have a small team, all of whom have experience of helping people with disadvantages, disabilities or need help to move forward in their lives. The Directors of the Company do not receive any remuneration and all net proceeds are donated to a local charity. The Team consists of qualified, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches Business Mentors and Horse Professionals all of whom are not employed by the company but assist in achieving the objects of the Company and many of whom are unpaid volunteers.


It is well known that humans benefit from regular contact with animals; and ,in particular, many humans have an especially unique relationship with the horse, thanks to the long association of people and horses. Horses can be related to freedom for many people and this can be used to make an important connection between people and horses, for mutual benefit. Such service is termed Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) or Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).


We have worked with the following organisations assisting their clients\students with EAT:

1.. Pentreath Org..                                           Accepted  service provider.

2. Greenlight org.                                             Appointed service provider

3.. Addaction Truro & St.Austell                   Appointed service provider.

4.. Looe Community School                           Appointed service provider

5.  Hayle Community School..                        Appointed service provider

6.  MS Association Cornwall                           Appointed service provider

7.. Acorn Academy Cornwall                          Service provider due to be appointed

8.. Spectrum Organisation.                             Appointed service provider

9.. Little Harbour Hospice South West

10. Doubletrees Academy                                Appointed service provider

11.. Treverbyn Academy                                   Appointed service provider..

12. Mount Edgecombe Hospice                       Appointed service provider

13.Regard Services                                               Appointed service provider

14. Calton House                                                   Appointed service provider

15. Brandon Trust.                                                Service provider to be appointed.

16. Cornwall Council: Children in Need Team     Appointed service provider

17. Ellie’s Haven Trust                                             Appointed service provider

18.  SSAFA                                                                  Appointed service provider

19.   Parkinsons Cornwall                                        Appointed service provider.  

20.  Manuel  Supported  Living services                Appointed service provider

We provide the session material being a horse, a horse professional and an equine learning facilitator.

The sessions do not necessarily involve riding the horse but this can be arranged if required.

Each session with a client is tailor made to suit that person’s needs. These needs are defined by the client’s psychotherapist and the EAT and EAL sessions are dovetailed around these needs.

However, clients do not necessarily have to have a psychotherapist to obtain the benefit of Equine Learning sessions. The Equine Experience is offered to young and old alike and we find that pensioners and retired persons benefit from this experience.


The object is to assist disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable persons to realise their potential and to assist them to move forward positively in their lives. These persons are associated with ,for example, Aspergers syndrome, Autism, Down's Syndrome, Depression, Learning disabilities, Bereavement, Redundancy, Accident trauma, Addiction recovery, Terminal illness depression. Parkinsons etc.

We now can assist persons affected by the self isolating pressures caused by the Corona Virus and our “What we Offer” gives details..

The Directors having experience of EAL and EAT have noted that many organisations offering this service do not offer any additional ongoing assistance after the services have ended. The Academy has, therefore, been set up to offer additional services and to offer them to these organisations for their clients to benefit with ongoing assistance after the Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy programmes have been completed.

Details are shown on the "What We Offer" page. This is effected by way of guidance to move forward by way of job applications, interview coaching, business mentoring, life coaching, internship, opportunities with local businesses etc. One service , for example, has assisted ex-prisoners adjust into the outside world and has mentored them start a business. This area is planned for expansion in order to reduce the high level of re-offending currently about 65%.These additional services come under the umbrella of the company and although the marketing of the benefit of equine therapy are the main core objectives of the Academy there is no requirement, by clients, to have used these particular services in order to apply for the other services being offered.