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Dear Peter

 I cannot thank you enough for putting me in touch with the stables and for providing the first few sessions for me . I think Tor is a special horse and we have connected. We are going to try brushing then getting on and off next time as my pain levels are quite high and of course my fitness isn’t what it used to be.

I would really love to continue with this despite the distance because it’s worth it even though I felt guilty and was a bit tearful (they were a result of my circumstances at the moment and not the horses). The instructor is a very kind and patient lady who is easy to talk to which is a big deal for me as I am a fairly private person. I am going again the same day and time next week. Thank you once again,

 Kind Regards N.

Our Son had a wonderful time in his lesson today, I don't think the smile left his face for the whole session after an initial wobble when he first got on the horse. He loved it and cannot wait to go again so could we book in again for next week please?

They absolutely loved it so thanks so much for bringing  some sunshine to their day.

Kind Regards L.

Hello Peter,
Amelia had a wonderful time on Friday and I really feel that it is helpful for her in lowering her anxiety. 
I would like to organise a regular hour session each week, I think to begin with 1:1 as this seems most calming for her.  

Hi Peter 
Well after yesterday when I got back I had a coffee and sat down I stayed there for the rest of the day I had a little sleep and stayed on the sofa ha ha legs were a bit stiff in evening

Thank you for making all this happen  

Hi Peter,
 Thanks ever so much for your message, apologies for late reply it has been a whirl wind week. Yes it was a great experience, one I will remember forever. I was surprised how I took to being with the horse and I am interested in having horse riding lessons. I will let you know when I do. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to grow and move forward in my life J.

Hi Peter
I appreciate what you are doing there, its a great scheme, but i have too much mental and physical health problems to be as reliable as needs. Sorry for the cancellation.

Hi Peter 
Yes all going well not missed a week since I started riding I have today got my own riding hat which my son brought me I'm still on Tor won't go on any other horse yet going out on Tuesdays now quite a few go out so I'm meeting new people which is what it's all about . Hope all is going well haven't seen any new members yet.

Hi Peter,
Jamie loves the sessions. He has a really big smile on his face and is really interacting with the horse, Tor. He is very chatty with the therapist lady.

Dear Peter,
I am thrilled that the ETA was a success for our student.

Hi Peter,
Thank you for all you have done.  Kira has had a wonderful time, but this Friday will be her last session.

Dear Peter,
I was told by my adult social services the worst that could happen is ending up in a wheelchair I have put this at the back of my
mind so this is why we all have to keep doing everything while you can . I am now able to look forward to my future especially
with my new friend equine friend  who is opening new experiences for me.

 Thank you.

Hi Peter,
Skye enjoys her sessions, she is calmer and less stressed during session and for a few hours after, also getting more confident, she wasn't so good last session but thats Skye few steps forward and few back. Penny is brilliant with her and i couldent ask for anyone better to work with her.

Thanks cheryl

Jennifer Hamshere
Thank you for a wonderful day! You, Wendy and the amazing horses and ponies were a truly beautiful tonic. What you offer is a wonderful gift. Thank you thank you. X